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Driven & Co.

Welcome to the Driven & Co. podcast, where we talk with today's most badass leaders about their unconventional path to entrepreneurship

Feb 14, 2019

Sometimes it takes a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia to have an epiphany about the direction of your life. Such was the case with
Harry Glaser, the Co-founder and CEO of Periscope Data, an end-to-end analytics platform that enables powerful data team collaboration.
This week Justin Gray invited Harry to the...

Jan 8, 2018

David Bauer, COO at LeadMD, talks with host Justin Gray about his experiences as an entrepreneur, the challenges he faced as a CIO working at a startup versus a billion dollar company, and his goals for the LeadMD team -all on this episode of the Driven & Co. podcast.

May 22, 2017

On the latest episode of Driven: How Did I Get Here?, host Justin Gray welcomes Inder Singh, Founder and CEO of Kinsa. Justin gets the scoop on Inder’s quest to become an astronaut, his work at the Clinton Health Access Initiative and his mission as an entrepreneur to help track and stop the spread of illness.

Can you...

Apr 3, 2017

Danielle Tate, Founder and CEO of MissNowMrs, talks with host Justin Gray about missing medical school by three spots, leaving behind her successful career in sales and what it’s like being a pioneer in the wedding tech space –– all on the the latest episode of Driven: How Did I Get Here?

What do you do in your...

Mar 27, 2017

Marc Chesley, President of OfferPad, talks with host Justin Gray about practicing law, flipping homes and helping grow Infusionsoft into a $100M company –– all on the the latest episode of Driven: How Did I Get Here? 

What are you working on these days?

At OfferPad, our purpose is to revolutionize the way homes...